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HRBT Series – High Range Belt & Tread Drum

The HRBT series offers the latest technologies for modern tire production demands and is suited for a wide variety of applications.  Commonly offered as a 30-section drum, its design builds on decades of WYKO’s success with ‘finger-style’ Belt & Tread drums.   

WYKO’s patented deck contour helps ensure the lowest deviation from true circle throughout the large building diameter range.  As well, deck widths and profiles, finger widths (parallel or tapered), magnet and vacuum configurations, and coatings are some of the ways the deck can be customized for a perfect fit with your production. 

Integrating the HRBT drum into your new or existing tire machine is simplified thanks to design flexibility in terms of mounting and actuation. 


  • Excellent working diameter range (up to 360mm for PCR/LTR)
  • Choice of actuation method:  servo/screw, push/pull, onboard pneumatic, etc.
  • Integrated into machines with either flange-mounting or shaft-mounting
  • Highly configurable to suit individual process requirements


  • Completely hands-free operation possible depending on machine actuation
  • High-speed capable
  • Compatible with high-tension application of spiral overlay/capstrip/JLB

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