Our commitment to quality is one of the hallmarks of our commitment to our customers. Below are some of the ways we improve the customer experience.

Pre-Sale Support

WYKO offers pre-sale support to existing and prospective customers by working closely with your engineers and technical staff to understand challenges and requirements in order to identify possible solutions. Our team recognizes the importance of knowing the right questions to ask on the outset. This is a key component of any successful project.

Post-Sale Support

WYKO will provide all possible technical and material support to allow the correct specification and use of both standard and purpose designed WYKO products. The experienced and professional technical departments are available to participate in customer joint development programs for all tire production systems.

WYKO undertakes to provide all necessary technical information and competitively priced spare parts to allow the implementation of customer actioned tire plant maintenance and overhaul programs. WYKO maintenance and overhaul programs for all WYKO manufactured products are offered at competitive costs and time scales. We also provide full maintenance and repair training programs for customer personnel both at a designated tire plant or at a WYKO location.

All equipment manufactured and supplied by WYKO Tire Technology is Quality Guaranteed against defective materials and workmanship. We undertake to repair or replace all product deemed to be defective during the guarantee period free of charge subject only to the normal conditions of use or contractual terms. For all WYKO manufactured product caused to be defective by circumstances outside the normal conditions of use, WYKO will offer a fast, professional, and competitively priced repair service. In all cases, WYKO will seek to provide the most effective corrective action plan to return defective product to full operational availability. Such action plans may, where practical, include repair at a designated tire plant, return to a WYKO manufacturing facility, or in extreme circumstances, necessitate full or partial product replacement.

Talk to us about our Repair/Rebuild services. We offer this for WYKO manufactured and non-WYKO manufactured products. This is a great way to extend the useful life of your existing equipment and to further protect your original investment. In addition, WYKO offers onsite tooling audits – often in tandem with training – to evaluate your plant’s existing tooling and recommend any necessary repair/rebuild plans.

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