High Range BT Drums (Belt/Breaker & Tread Drums)

For decades, WYKO has pioneered advanced BT drum technology. As tire designs and manufacturing processes have evolved, so has our tooling. Today, WYKO has more selection available than ever before to provide tire manufacturers with the optimal solution tailored for their applications. Along with the high quality and craftsmanship WYKO is famous for, our BT drums offer maximum range and versatility with the rigidity demanded by modern tire constructions.

WYKO BT drums are developed with a variety of mounting and actuation styles for easier integration with your new or existing machines. Because of our obsession with detail and extensive industry experience, our team can provide you with a smarter solution, bringing value and competitive advantage to your organization in today’s market.

Below is an overview of models and options available. Not sure what you need? Our knowledgeable team is your resource. Talk to us about your challenges and see what there is to gain with the WYKO advantage.

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