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Band Appliers

The WYKO Band Applier/Applicator is a unique product utilizing spin-on technology that transforms the way bands/plies are assembled to the drum.  Suitable for radial and bias constructions in the assembly of AGRO, OTR, Aircraft, and TBR tires, the Band Applier eliminates band distortion and deformation caused by traditional pull-on applications.

Offered in both automatic and manual configurations, one Band Applier can service several tire building machines.  Each has an inherently high range capacity; capable of a wide range of diameters and widths.  These are adaptable to most tire building machines or they can be offered as a standalone unit.


  • Hydraulic or servo-actuated
  • Spin-on technology to eliminate band distortion from traditional pull-on applications
  • Variable speed and feed control
  • Suitable for AGRO, OTR, Aircraft, and TBR tires
  • Compatible with radial and bias constructions
  • High diameter and width ranges


  • Increased productivity and quality of product
  • Safety and ergonomic benefits
  • One unit can service multiple TBMs


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