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Band Building Drums

WYKO Band Building Drums are offered with a variety of features and customizations for every tire segment, small to large.  Not only are we able to integrate these drums into your new or existing machines, we can also outfit them with a plethora of advanced features and customizations to bring you the best performance.  Talk to us and see how WYKO dedicated solutions give you a competitive advantage. 

Our Band Building Drums are available with many different actuation and mounting styles, vacuum, materials and coatings, profiles, thermal compensation, and high working ranges.


  • Servo-electric or pneumatic actuation (hydraulic available for AG, OTR)
  • Adaptable for new or existing machines
  • Optional:  vacuum, specialty coatings, profiled sections, thermal compensation, etc.


  • Improved uniformity and roundness
  • Highly adaptable, easily customized for your process requirements
  • Long life
  • Range suited for process needs

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