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DBSD - Dual Bead Shaping Drum (Former Drum)

WYKO's Dual Bead Shaping Drums (DBSD) provide tremendous advantage given their ability to accommodate two consecutive bead sizes without the need for intervention, and their reputation for quality and uniformity enhancements.

Standard DBSDs are offered for bead diameters between 13" and 24" in the following format:  13"/14", 14"/15", 15"/16", 16"/17", 17"/18", 18"/19", 19"/20", 20"/22", 22"/24".  Contact us for other sizes available.  This arrangement provides you with production flexibility and eliminates the need for any size change within the bead range of each drum.  

The DBSD's bead lock mechanism is radially expanding for perfect contact without lateral or circumferencial displacement.  Drums can also be supplied with an optional Carcass Centering system, which positions the carcass concentrically by its inside surface prior to the bead lock mechanism expanding.  All actuation is pneumatic.

WYKO will work with your team to determine mounting requirements and develop adaptors to suit.


  • Dual bead size capability
  • Radially expanding bead locks
  • Optional Carcass Centering


  • Flexibility providing increased productivity and uptime
  • Standard and optional features for maximum quality and uniformity
  • Adaptable to new and existing machines

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