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REC Drum (Radial Expand-Collapse)

The REC (Radial Expand – Collapse) Drum is as tough as it is accurate.  As WYKO’s first major product launch in the mid-1980s, the REC Drum positively impacted the tire industry in a big way.  Superior in design, quality, accuracy, and longevity to the typical rotary drums of that day, demand for the REC drum quickly spread globally.  Now, with over a billion tires manufactured on WYKO REC drums since their debut, strong demand continues. 

REC Drums are typically offered as 8-section (10-section models available) and use central spacers for width setting.  WYKO offers a host of configurations and options to integrate into our customers’ machines and processes, including Run Flat (RFT).


  • Precise:  Extremely low radial and lateral runout
  • Rigid:  Loaded doors maintain accuracy even under load
  • Quick-change:  Speed Nuts used in shells allows for fast width change
  • Can be actuated via rotary or push/pull machines (push/pull uses WYKO Conversion Arbor)
  • Compatible with Run Flat (RFT)


  • Excellent reliability and longevity
  • Extendable life:  Designed to allow for WYKO's rebuild/overhaul program to get the most out of your investment
  • Low Total Cost of Ownership

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